There are two major events about Fintech and Cyber Security happening in Jakarta from 6 – 8 November 2019. The first event is INDONESIA FINTECH SHOW 2019 which will be focusing on Riding the Waves of Financial Digital Transformation and Disruption in Indonesia which will be the Indonesia’s financial services community 3-day celebration of Fintech. The other event is CYBER SECURITY INDONESIA 2019, with the theme of In Support of the Nation’s Cyber and Information Security Agenda. Both events are conducted in Jakarta Convention Centre.

One of the speakers in the Cyber Security Indonesia 2019 is David Darmawan, the Founder and CEO of PT. Socentix. He is going to discuss about cyber security in investments, with the title of Socentix-Betawi (Blockchain Electronic Trading Applications of Worldwide Intrapayment System): Principles for Responsible Investments.

  1. Socentix (Social Entrepreneurship Investment Exchange is currently the one and only platform for green and socially-responsible investment in Indonesia. Its vision is that humanity develops economic systems that restore the environment and create wealth and health for the people all across the globe based on Indonesian Prospects Unity in Diversity ( Bhinneka Tunggal Ika). Socentix has been listed in SRI KEHATI Linked Index Fund. The listing reflects Socentix’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability as well as good corporate governance. The SRI-Kehati Index was launched in Jakarta on 8th June 2009 by the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation, KEHATI. This Index is supported by the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) and is the first in South East Asia to track the performance of Indonesian Corporate Champions in socially and environmentally sustainable business.

Besides the Founder and CEO of Socentix, David Darmawan, also dedicates his life to develop the Betawi community. Betawi is the origin tribe of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. As part of the Socentix CSR, David established Betawi B@nkIT, which is a social and cultural foundation for Betawi people. The mission of Betawi B@nkIT are to develop and preserve Betawi culture and to advancing the economy of Betawi community by developing Betawi Startups Fintech.

Betawi B@nkIt in partnership with some institutions or company has launched the following Blockchains:


Betawi B@nkIT also held some Betawi cultural events, such as:

  • Festival Keriaan Betawi Jatinegara 2017

( , 25 – 28 October 2017


The current blockchain launched by PT. Socentix is Betawi BlockChain. It is a platform use to offer a universal banking solutions based on blockchain technology. This platform will gather all the UMKM (micro, small, and medium enterprises) to sell their products wide-worldly and the transaction will use the blockchain technology. This blockchain technology can be used for other transactions outside the market platform.

Betawi unbank is more a platform use to offer a universal banking solutions based on blockchain technology. A UBI (Universal Basic Income) solution will be managed by its platform to offer its members to participate into the new sustainable currency system.



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